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Screening Signup


Click the button below to be taken to our Volunteer Sign Up Portal

Screening sign-ups are on RCommunity ( You must have attended training and passed assessments to sign up for screenings. 

Confused on how to use RCommunity? Here's a tutorial.

New Volunteer Information

1. Sign up for RCommunity. You must sign up for each screening on RCommunity, it is how we keep attendance and track volunteer hours. Here is a tutorial if you need some help navigating the website. 


2. Review the APSEA Member Attendance and Conduct Policies and Event Etiquette for APSEA events. The waiver that you are supposed to sign and return before attending your first event ensures that you have acknowledged the attendance and conduct policies. 


3. Sign and email us the waiver before attending your first screening. This waiver is available under the "Documents" tab on our RCommunity page. It is linked here as well.


4. Review the strike policy. To avoid having understaffed screenings and ensure that all of our members have the opportunity to volunteer, please remove your name from the RCommunity screening sign-up at least 24 hours before a screening if you can not attend. If you must cancel less than 24 hours before the screening for whatever reason, please let the presiding eboard member at the screening know. We would also appreciate it if you could put a message in the GroupMe/Discord that there is a spot available once you cancel the screening. 

The APSEA Member Attendance and Conduct Policies outlines the strike policy, where members that cancel less than 24 hours before a screening without valid reasoning or are no-shows receive a strike. Members get 3 strikes before they are suspended from volunteering. 


5. Join our page on getInvolved! Member attendance and RSVPs at general meetings will be tracked on getInvolved. 


6. Join our mailing list, Discord, Instagram, and/or GroupMe to get the latest updates on our activities

Mailing list:


Instagram: @rutgers.apsea


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