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For Students, Volunteers, &
Aspiring Health Screeners

Welcome to the Volunteer Info Page for APSEA!

If you're here, you must be interested in joining our organization!

Below you will find some of the benefits that our nonprofit provides.



CDC-Accredited Course, Training & Certification

Interested in learning about various health techniques and being certified as a basic health screener? In our Award-Winning Training & Certification Course, we will walk you through various modules to get you trained as a health screener!  From how to talk to patients to taking blood pressure, all the skills you will need will be taught to you through a mix of online and live sessions. 


Gain Hands-On Clinical Experience

There's no better healthcare experience than real experience. RSVP to various events in the community to conduct health screenings & workshops!

Image by CDC


Shadow Doctors, Nurses & Other Health Professionals

Experience the life of a medical professional or student by following alongside various health professionals!


Collect Screening Data & Conduct Research

Analyze the research you collected from health screenings as well as participate in various journal clubs and meetings to learn how to publish an article in a peer-reviewed journal!

Image by Lukas Blazek


Join the APSEA Family!

We welcome you to join our thriving, supportive, and collaborative Pre-Health Community through forums, group channels, and more!


Join Today!

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