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For Patients, Residents & Health Screenees

Welcome to the Patient Info Page for APSEA!

If you're here, you must be interested in learning more about your health!

Below you will find some of the services that we provide to help you better your life!



Health Screenings for Blood Pressure, Glucose, BMI, & more!

Vitals signs include Preventive Screenings in Body Mass Index, Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Mental Health, Grip Strength, 1-Lead EKG, Cholesterol, Skin Exam, and so much more!


Health Workshops in Nutrition, Exercise Meditation& More!

There's no better healthcare experience than real experience. RSVP to various events in the community to conduct health screenings & workshops!

Doctor and Patient


Speak with a Doctor or Health Professional

At every screening, there may be a doctor or health professional who will be able to answer your questions either in person or over telemedicine


View your Screening Results Online!

Create an account to view your health results 48 hours after your screening. 

Image by Lukas Blazek


Join the APSEA Family!

We welcome you to join our thriving, supportive, and collaborative community.  Sign up to become a member to receive Monthly Newsletters, health tips, and follow up screenings to help you live your best life!


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