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Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Staff

to read our Training and Assessment FAQ

Other FAQ

Who can volunteer with APSEA?

Any adult can volunteer with APSEA, regardless of prior healthcare experience. All members must attend one training and pass one assessment in order to volunteer at our screenings.

Do I need to be a Rutgers student to volunteer?

No, you do not need to be a Rutgers student. We will accept any adult (18+) volunteers. If you are under 18 years old and would like to help APSEA with its operations, please contact

How frequently are training and assessment?

We typically have 2 training sessions and 2 assessment dates in the beginning of the semester and 1 training date and one assessment date in the middle of the semester. If you train in the beginning of the semester, you can assess mid-semester. However, we recommend only signing up for training if you know that you can attend assessments. For more information relating specifically to training and assessment, please consult the training and assessment FAQ.

Do APSEA volunteer hours count as clinical or non-clinical hours on my applications?

APSEA volunteers hours count as clinical volunteering.

Where can I find out when training and assessment is?

We will put out frequent reminders on our Instagram (@rutgers.apsea), Discord, and GroupMe as dates, times, and locations for training and assessment are confirmed.

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