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History & Legacy

Dr. Aayush Visaria got the idea for APSEA after a long summer of soul searching.

In a similar situation as many of the people that we help today, Dr. Visaria wondered why there were not more opportunities to teach community residents about better health as well as hands on clinical experience. He knew that many people would be able to get back on the right track in terms of their health if only they had a little support.

Our Story

Returning from a medical trip from India, Dr. Visaria became involved in a local community center and looked for ways that members of a community could band together to make a difference. Neighbors helping neighbors in communities across the country to learn more about preventive health and live more fulfilling lives.

In New Jersey, he partnered with his first local Newark and New Brunswick community center in 2014, and our community of doers and helpers has only grown from there. Since then, the nonprofit has grown much bigger expanding across both state and country lines!

“Starting a nonprofit that helps better the health of our neighbors and community members has been a life-long dream. Thanks to dedicated staff, generous supporters and caring volunteers, we’ve been able to touch so many lives. I can’t wait to see the good that we’ll accomplish together in the future!”

– Dr. Aayush Visaria, MD MPH, Founder of APSEA

APSEA, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was founded in late 2014 by Dr. Aayush Visaria, MD, MPH at Rutgers University after noticing a lack of awareness about diabetes & hypertension in the community. He also noticed that there was a lack of clinical opportunities for aspiring health care students. Many were genuinely interested in medicine but could not find any opportunities. The ones that were available took months just to get off the waitlist, required hundreds of dollars, or did not offer hands-on certification. Thus, APSEA was born to provide this and more!


Liquid Drop


Since its founding, APSEA has achieved many great things, whether its winning social entrepreneurship competitions or helping people better understand their health.  Below are some of the top achievemtsn that we have accomplished over the years. 


Total dollars raised to support initiatives for change


People reach through educational initiatives


People supported weekly & monthly through programs and services


Active communities providing support to people across the United States & world


International social entrepreneurship awards & recognitions received


Dollars raised through donations & membership fees over the years


Patients & residents screened, helped & supported


Percent participate in community activities after completing a program


Out of 17 United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals achieved


Accredited training & certification programs for health care schools

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