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5 Tips for Research Success

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

1. Find out what your research needs are.

How do you plan to use the information? Are you looking for answers to questions about how to improve your growing methods, or how to make better products? What exactly are your goals? This helps you narrow down the types of documents that should be reviewed. If you know specifically what you want to find, you can look at related topics or search terms based off of keywords.

2. Start early!

Set aside time regularly to read through research articles. Even if you're only able to spend five minutes each day, it's still well worth it. You'll have plenty of opportunities later to revisit these topics.

3. Organize your reading material into groups based on your research objective.

If you need to understand more about growing methods, start there. Maybe you're interested in learning more about different strains or cultivars. Look over the titles first, then skim through the descriptions. Most sources will include general details about their topic, but they won't always go into the specifics.

4. Use resources outside of academia.

There are tons of websites that offer free access to books, journals, and other resources. Many libraries offer this type of service, too.

5. Be persistent.

Don't give up easily. If something doesn't seem relevant to you, don't throw it away. Perhaps you'll think of another way to apply it later. And even though this may take some extra effort now, it could save you time once you've started researching.

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