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Reading, Blogging & Expanding your Horizons

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Professional healthcare students can experience many difficulties on their journey. We've all encountered embarrassing moments. There may have been a time when you've procrastinated studying for an exam, spent Friday night in the library or nearly slept through the 7:00am biology exam.

Let's dive into the world of blogging. Blogging is a great source to understand the experiences of other people. However, we have mixed experiences with bloggers or influencers. It's easy to show beautiful notes, designer scrubs and inspiring quotes about your goals. It can be difficult to invest your time and energy in improving the experience of a group.

Pay attention to accounts that appear to exploit the audience's desperate desire to enter their dream school. There's a big difference between accounts that encourage healthy study habits, share exam prep tips and inspire you to keep going and those that just promote a product or gadget to help you get into your school of choice.

You will ultimately be responsible for the hard work required to get accepted.

You have a ton on your plate, from a tight schedule to study stress from the standardized exams like the MCAT, DAT, PACAT, and GRE. We're here to motivate you. There are also a few bloggers doing the same.

We have put together a list of some of the most helpful and thought-provoking blogs to remind you that there are others out there who share your ambitions.

  1. A little bit of lacquer This blog is a personal favorite of ours. Laura writes about her experiences in residency and medical school, as well as her interests beyond medicine and science. She is a woman with many interests and dedicates a large portion of her blog writing about art, travel food fashion and family life. This blog is why we love it. This blog allows students to see that you can have a fulfilling life even while attending professional healthcare school. Laura offers practical advice, such as her favorite organizing app, her preferred scheduling method, and tips for multitasking effectively.

  2. Aspiring Docs Diaries The AAMC publishes this blog and includes posts from a variety bloggers. These blog posts can be divided into several categories according to their focus: Premed, Med School residents, Resident, Motivation, Patient Interaction and Resilience. This blog offers advice, tips, and inspiration stories from doctors and other healthcare professionals.

  3. KevinMD You are looking for something more substantial? This blog is written by Dr. Kevin Pho and covers topics such as medical ethics, health care policy, patient experience, and health care policy. This blog includes articles written by Dr. Kevin Pho, along with other doctors and professionals. This site provides a variety of perspectives on topics that are important to students. This blog is provocative in its nature. The Daily Lives with Chronic Illness first-person narrates the day of a patient who suffers from chronic pain.

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