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Welcome to Eon Pub - Empowering Your Voice

Eon Publishing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded by David F. Lo in 2014. Our mission from day one has been to empower individuals from all walks of life to unleash their creativity and share their knowledge with the world. Whether you're an aspiring author, a budding researcher, or simply someone with a compelling story to tell, Eon Publishing is here to support you on your journey to publication.

Our Journey

In 2018, Eon Publishing reached a significant milestone in its evolution when it joined forces with APSEA, the American Preventive Screening & Education Association. This strategic partnership allowed us to expand our horizons and offer even more valuable resources to the community. As a division of APSEA, Eon Publishing continued its original vision while also embracing the opportunity to make a profound impact on public health education and community engagement.

Our Commitment

Eon Pub is committed to fostering a culture of creativity, knowledge-sharing, and inclusivity. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a platform to express their unique perspectives and insights. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to guide and support you through every step of your publishing journey.

Empowering Authors

Are you an aspiring author with a story to tell or an important message to share? Eon Publishing is your partner in bringing your literary dreams to life. We offer a range of services, including manuscript editing, copyediting, book formatting, cover design, and submitting to journals to ensure your work reaches a global audience.

Advancing Research

For researchers and academics, Eon Pub is a trusted ally in the pursuit of knowledge dissemination. We have helped countless students, medical residents, & professors from around the world publish their groundbreaking research findings. Our commitment to peer-reviewed journal articles has made us a beacon of academic excellence.

Community Impact

As part of APSEA's larger mission, we are proud to be involved in community health education and preventive screening efforts. The resources we publish, including handbooks, study guides, and brochures have been used in communities across America!  We believe that knowledge is power, and by educating the public, we contribute to healthier and happier communities. 

Join Our Community

Whether you're a writer, a researcher, or someone passionate about community health, Eon Publishing welcomes you to be a part of our vibrant and supportive community. Together, we can make a difference by amplifying voices, advancing knowledge, and improving lives.

Join us on this inspiring journey at Eon Pub, where your voice matters, your research is valued, and your impact is boundless. Together, we can create a better world through the power of knowledge and storytelling.

Our Editorial Board

Meet the dedicated individuals driving our publishing excellence. Our esteemed board comprises experts across diverse fields, ensuring a rigorous and multidisciplinary approach to content selection. Explore the profiles of these accomplished professionals who play a pivotal role in maintaining the high standards and integrity of our publications.




121 East Laurel Road

Stratford, NJ 08084


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Services Offered

  • Academia Promotions Advising

  • Research idea creation & validation

  • Editing and proofreading

  • Copyediting

  • Manuscript writing

  • Publication submission

  • Corresponding author services

  • Fee waivers guidance and assistance

Additional Expertise

  • Managing correspondence with editors

  • PRISMA and PROSPERO registration

  • Cochrane Risk of Bias Analysis

  • Critical Appraisal Skills Prog. Analysis

  • MesH/Boolean string search

  • Graph/Table creation & visualization

Types of Research Pubs

  • Umbrella Reviews

  • Scoping Reviews

  • Systematic Reviews

  • Literature Reviews

  • Narrative Reviews

  • Meta-Analysis

  • Case Reports/Series

  • Letters to the Editor

REDUCED Publication Fees!

We have established relationships & partnerships with multiple journals and publishers (Wiley, Hindawi, Cambridge Core) enabling us to publish at low to no cost through Read-and-Write agreements.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today!

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