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Who We Are

Our Story

American Preventive Screening and Education Association (APSEA) was founded in 2014 by Dr. Aayush Visaria while he was an undergraduate student at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. Called North American Disease Intervention (NADI) at the time, the organization was founded on the belief that the solution to eradicating hypertension and diabetes in the community did not lie in the clinic, but rather in community-based screenings focused on early detection, education, and lifestyle interventions.

Dr. Visaria noticed that many adults had consistently high blood pressures, yet many were unaware of this fact because they did not present with any noticeable symptoms. Hypertension is termed the "silent killer" because many do not realize that they have had chronically high blood pressure until they experience an unfortunate and significant cardiac event, such as a stroke, heart attack, heart failure vision loss, kidney failure, and organ damage. APSEA was founded to prevent these problems well before they occur.

Over the years, we added blood glucose and body composition screenings to our list of services, as diabetes and obesity are both diseases that afflict the community at high rates and can be prevented with the proper education. 

Till date, APSEA has conducted over 400 screenings, trained over 1,250 volunteers, and amassed over 7,000 volunteer hours. Most importantly, our consistent and free-of-cost screenings have promoted a higher degree of health-consciousness in our community and made hundreds aware of their risk for hypertension and diabetes.


Aayush Visaria, MD, MPH, founder and CEO of American Preventive Screening and Education Association (APSEA)

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